The business gift is an effective way to establish relationships between businesses and a gratifying reward for employees. Christmas gifts, contracts signed, business performance, incentive, length of service… There so many different events that you can offer gifts for.

The choice of the brand is important. Le Tanneur, with a wide and varied range of products, can satisfy very different people and budgets. Take a look at our collections available on the our website.

Several additional services are available:

  • Calling card: it can be given with the gifts.
  • Delivery: we can make deliveries to several consignees and even abroad. Ask us.
  • Personalization: some articles can be branded or marked with your own logo inside or outside the products (from 50 pieces). Ask us.
  • Customization with the initials of customers (from 50 pieces)
  • Lending of samples
  • Possibility to get a specific model from 300 pieces
  • Possibility of specific packaging

Find the reference of the articles you want to buy and contact us

Fabien Picon,, phone: +33 (0)6-81-86-39-82

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