You wish to open or take over a business. You think that partnership is a key to success. You are interested in leather goods and fashion accessories. Le Tanneur helps small independent businessmen and women to build their project in a secured environment aiming at performance. We have set up a recruiting process that will help us determine together if we can assist you in building your project and help you succeed:

1. Upon reception of your request

we will send you all the documents (application form, confidentiality certificate…).

2. We will meet

to know each other and perfectly understand your project and your expectations. At Le Tanneur, there is no such thing as a prototype profile. We are looking for managers, businessmen ready for personal investment and ready to conduct a real business project.

3. If both parties are still interested

we offer you to do a several days' training course in one of our trial outlets to help you understand our everyday actions. At the end of the training course, we will meet again to talk about the business and answer all your questions.

4. If both parties agree

we will give you a methodology to study the local market. This stage is very important to help your business survive and grow. Do not be neglectful because this study will determine the perfect location for your Le Tanneur store.

5. Then, we will analyze together

the results of your market study, we will talk about all the concrete aspects of your project, the economic feasibility (financial means and profitability…). We will also give you the Precontractual Information Document (DIP).

6. You will first meet

other players in your project: a certified public accountant, insurers, bankers (business plan, cash flow…).

7. Once the location

is chosen and after both parties came to an agreement, we will sign the affiliation contract (a minimum of 20 days after giving the DIP).

8. Once the lease

is signed, our architect will pay you a visit to work on plans and administrative authorizations.

9. Once you are given the official documents

(business plan, financial plan, bank guarantee, insurance certificate…), you will meet the regional director: a reverse schedule up to the opening of the store is set up (layout, delivery of the furniture and the supplies…). You will start recruiting your sales team.

10. Then, you will start

a global training (products, computers…) in a trial outlet. Our experts will accompany you right from the opening of the store to maximize the performance.

Each of our applicants will be taken good care of and that is why we are behind you during the whole process that leads to the opening of the store.

Then we will put much effort to have even more satisfied customers and we will constantly keep an eye on the quality of our products and services.

Success in the stores comes from perfect partnership.

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