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Relationship principles

Master all the steps to set up a new establishment
From first contact to the organization of the stores, our partners enjoy permanent advice.

Assistance to build your projects

One of the main assets of a store is the location. To make sure there will be many customers, it is important to choose the perfect location. In order to find it, we offer to assist you in the market analysis, in searching the location and in negotiating the lease in the town centre or inside a shopping centre in metropolitan France. We are giving you methods that will help you check if the products are appropriate to the local market.

Dissemination of Le Tanneur concept

An architect will help you fit out your store (shelves, cash desk, lighting…) so that it respects Le Tanneur concept. We have chosen a range of suppliers to guarantee quality and competitive price. We suggest a surface are of 650 to 1000 square feet for the sales area for a first establishment with a store window of no less than 5 meters. Le Tanneur has an ambition, to have a store in most towns of more than 50 000 inhabitants. In metropolitan France, Le Tanneur will provide you with a zone of exclusivity.

Continuing training

Transferring our savoir faire to you is a key to your success. We are able to train rapidly people from different origins and to give our partners advice and methods tested in trial outlets of the Group. Training consists of: knowing our products, mastering the merchandizing techniques, knowing sales techniques, and mastering the computer system specific to Le Tanneur network. At the end of the training, we will give you a document to summarize everything you have learned.

Stock management

Our network is equipped with a new stock computer system that helps stores get new stock continuously. This cashing tool also analyzes and studies sales (average basket, turnover per salesman, distribution per method of payment or per brand, customers counting system…). The network centralizes all stock in the outskirts of Lyon. Such a location allows us to supply our partners located in metropolitan France rapidly. Thanks to this stock management system, you will be able to spend all your time in selling and having your customers satisfied.


Organizing a store is a key element to develop your project. Our distribution service accompanies you in your everyday actions and helps you guarantee the complete understanding of Le Tanneur savoir faire. Each of our partners has someone to talk to, that will give him advice on recruiting and managing teams, on theoretical and practical training, on setting up actions to communicate and advertise. This person will also guarantee that the concept is perfectly respected. Upon launching and opening your business, he will stay in contact with you. Then, he will visit you on a regular basis to help you appraise your organization, your special offers policy, your merchandizing technique in order to increase your sales and build a better relationship with your customers.


We set up and implement a communication strategy at a national and international level to increase popularity and build a better image of Le Tanneur. We communicate in our retail outlets and operational marketing is a key element of this. Upon opening your store, an opening kit will be made by you and our communication service. An opening kit that will take all the specificities of your local market into account (posters, small ads in the local press, local radios, mailings, opening night, relationships with the local press…). Throughout the year, the network follows an operational marketing plan at a national level. The communication service is also at your disposal to find new ideas to organize the store and to make special offers perfectly aimed at your local market (games, direct marketing…).

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