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High end positioning

High end positioning that makes a difference

True to its values and proud of a « savoir-faire » of more than 110 years, Le Tanneur focuses on authenticity rather than pure looks, refinement rather than extravagance, timelessness rather than impermanence. So beautiful inside as outside, LE TANNEUR's creations interpret fashion to keep only the essence. Le Tanneur relies on this clearly established positioning, different and long-lasting to affirm its character.

Le Tanneur is the first leather goods network that works with a commission-based affiliation system.

To push forward its savoir faire as a leather goods manufacturer, Le Tanneur has been committing itself since the 90s to distribute its products in beautiful and genuine stores. The brand offers through the commission-based affiliation system a very modern concept, a form of distribution perfectly adapted to the fashion trade. In a commission-based affiliation system, Le Tanneur makes the whole stock available. You are sure to receive new products throughout the year and you will also take advantage of our savoir faire.

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