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1932: Birth of the brand Soco

Which young lady of today would suspect that her favorite brand, Soco, comes from the French contraction for "Company of sales of Products made of Finely Worked Leather"?

1985: Soco shakes up the market of the handbag.

In the 80's, the collections of handbags for women are getting larger. Thanks to the success of the "San Diego" line, still distributed today, Soco becomes a fashion phenomenon. Soco shakes the rather conventional market of the handbag up with cunning and modern models. These models seduce women proud of carrying their bag with insolence. It was an international success and Japan and the US still have fond memories of it.

2000: confirmed success for international distribution.

In Japan and in the US, the brand Soco is making news and has good commercial results.

2010: distribution in France.

Soco is mainly distributed in retail leather stores. The brand is very present in North and South of France.


With a wealth of fame behind him, Soco prepares to conquer its natural market again.

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