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1898: Birth of the brand Le Tanneur

At the dawn of the XXth century, a tanner and a leather goods manufacturer are joining forces to create a money purse, the "seamless", so groundbreaking that you keep seeing it in stores today.
Quality of leathers, modernity, Le Tanneur quickly becomes a reference in the leather goods industry. From the 30s, the brand almost has a stranglehold on the high-end market.

1960: Le Tanneur on French roads

In the 60s, Le Tanneur is advertising on walls of farms on all the roads of the French countryside: "Le Tanneur, beautiful leather gifts". Thanks to this wide-scale campaign, Le Tanneur becomes incredibly popular. And it still is today.

1998: Le Tanneur 100 years later

From 1950, the brand has diversified its production: briefcases, attaché cases, clutch bags… then, in the 70s, bags for working ladies. A century after its birth, the small tanner becomes a prestigious name, with complete collections always combining together traditional know-how and luxury fabrics, classicism and modernism.

2004: Le Tanneur launches its commission-based affiliation system

The distribution now requires modernization and that is why Le Tanneur invented a new trade, upmarket manufacturer in small money purses, billfolds… With a network of a dozen of stores and expertise in supply management, Le Tanneur is setting up its franchise commission-based affiliation system.

2013: Le Tanneur celebrates its 115th anniversary

To celebrate its 115th anniversary, the Le Tanneur Maison trusted Guila Klara Kessous, UNESCO’s artist for peace, with the task of reinterpreting its iconic product : The Sans Couture. Created in the Le Tanneur workshops in Belley, this limited edition sublimate by foal leather and a beautiful braid was a big success.

2014: Le Tanneur embarks on new brand territory

As part of this renewal, five new lines were developed in close collaboration with the designer Christophe Pillet, who also came up with a new and innovative store concept. Combining authenticity and sophistication, ingenuity and aesthetics, the new interior serves as a stunning showcase for the brands' collections.

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