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Brand Strategy

The story

ZoomThe Le Tanneur saga began in 1898 in the French town of Belley, a region famous for leather work. That year, Monsieur Bonnardel, an exceptionally creative leather worker met Monsieur Bornex, whose tannery had enjoyed a reputation for excellence since 1821. The two inventors joined forces, developing the first ever seamless purse, inspired by what they felt was the main flaw in purses at the time: their seams.

Like a work of origami, this ingenious leather accessory, so wildly ahead of its time, became a resounding success and received a silver medal at the 1900 Great Exibition of Paris. Symbolising Le Tanneur and still taking part of the collection, it is a perfect representation of the brand, both in terms of its ingenuity and innovation as well as the modernity of its different versions.

Le Tanneur nowadays

If the seamless purse rapidly became an iconic product for the brand, many other small and large leather goods and bags have subsequantly been added to its collections so as to meet its clients' ever more varied needs.

A benchmark of French elegance,he "Tanneur" style is a clever combination of simplicity, sophistication and sensuality. Epitimising the archetypal French woman, the brand is all about a love of freedom, an innate sense of moderation, and a refusal to succumb to ostentation.

This ode to feminity also offers an invitation to escape. Now more than ever, Le Tanneur products tell an age-old story that expresses a culture and shares its values. An art de vivre that is at once precious, fragile and inspiring.

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