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Our history

1997: Renaissance of a renowned leather goods maker

With the help of financial partners, Hervé Descottes recovers the operation of Andrelux SA and Andrelux Industrie that own the rights of brands Le Tanneur and Soco. He then sets up the joint-stock company (société anonyme) Le Tanneur & Cie.

2000: Initial Public Offering

Le Tanneur & Cie is going public on Euronext Paris stock exchange compartment C. The factory located in Bort-les-Orgues (Corrèze) is getting bigger to face an increase in demand from its contractors, famous french fashion houses.

2004: The commission-based affiliation system is launched

For several years, the Group has been accelerating the renewal of its own brands' collections by reinforcing the women's collections by Le Tanneur and by creating collections offering an alternative to the legendary San Diego line by Soco.
Beside its own network of stores, Le Tanneur & Cie decides to set up a commission-based affiliation system, a modern form of franchise agreement in the fashion industry. The first store affiliated with Le Tanneur opens in Bordeaux in November 2004.

2006: Adopting a model of pure marketing and distribution operator

Le Tanneur & Cie is reengineering its subcontract manufacturing model for its own brands in order to increase profitability.
The bag for women Matilde by Le Tanneur is a real hit.

2007/2010: Increase of popularity of Le Tanneur as a brand with its own shops

The outlets are welcoming even more and more customers, new affiliate and own stores are opening.
Transfer of the manufacturing branch for luxury houses to the solely owned subsidiary "Maroquinerie des Orgues".

2011: Qatar Luxury Group becomes the majority shareholder

On May 18th, Qatar Luxury Group – Fashion S.P.C., organized under the law of Qatar, bought all shares owned by the family group Descottes, the joint-stock company (SAS) D&P PME IV and the private limited company (SARL) Saint Germain Participations. A takeover bid takes places from July 8th to July 21st. At the end of December, the majority shareholder now holds 86.03% of the shares.

2012 / 2013: New general management and significant advertising investment

The structure is simplified with the new CEO, M. Jean Clenet.
A major advertising campaign is launched, the investment in communication  goes on in 2013.

2015: New concept for Le Tanneur stores

Together with the designer Christophe Pillet, a new concept of store is implemented in October 2015 in the Le Tanneur shop of Val d'Europe mall, after having been tested at the corner of Printemps department store for Men at the end of 2014 and with Galeries Lafayette Haussmann for Men in April 2015.

2016: Le Tanneur, a functional brand for everyone

The products range and the advertising comunication are clarified in accordance with the marketing positioning of an ingenious and functional brand for everyone.
The main industrial site of Manufacturing for luxury houses in Corrèze adds a know-how in small leather goods and the activity with new contractors is developing.

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